A strong public education system is vital for society to function properly. There are direct correlations between public education and a strong workforce, the economy, public safety, healthcare, criminal justice, and the list goes on and on. Every child deserves the right to a great public education and that takes funding. Shawna believes that public monies should go to the public systems they were intended for and not be siphoned off to support private institutions which serve a tiny fraction of students across our state.

Teachers and Education Support Professionals work miracles every single day and they should be treated and paid like the professionals they are. Public education is the great equalizer. Public schools welcome everyone. Shawna will continue to fight for the improvement of and investment in our public education system.



Every Oklahoman deserves affordable health care. Parents should be able to take a sick child to the emergency room without fearing a mountain of medical debt. Shawna believes a thriving state starts with a healthy state, so we must address the fact that Oklahoma ranks second in the nation for citizens without health care. Shawna is a strong supporter of our public health services and will work every day to expand access to health care for all Oklahomans.

Job Creation

As a teacher and a member of the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, Shawna understands the connection between education and economic development. To recruit quality employers to our state that pay middle-class wages, we need an educated and skilled work force. Shawna will support fully funding public education, including our Career Tech system, apprentice programs, and our regional colleges and universities, in order to bring good jobs to Oklahoma.


Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma locks up more women than any other state in the nation, mostly for nonviolent crimes.  We spend over half a billion dollars a year incarcerating our fellow Oklahomans.  This isn’t cost effective and we haven’t seen a major improvement in public safety because of it.  Shawna will advocate for being smarter on crime and making better use of our tax dollars.